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With our EDS range, we offer drive shafts and components from all leading drive shaft manufacturers worldwide. We also sell our own specially developed driveshaft products under the EDS brand. With their unrivaled workmanship in German engineering quality, our EDS articles are first-choice products. Under our premium brand EDS PLUS, we carry original quality drive shafts and components.

Your Drive Shaft Custom Made

Drive Shaft Components

Technical design of Drive Shafts

The claim of EDS is to meet the ever increasing customer demands on the quality of our products. The latest 3D software also makes it possible to represent special assemblies and series with adapted connections and refinements. A FEM load analysis ensures a smooth and safe design of the drive shaft.

What actually is a Drive Shaft?

A drive shaft is an element of a machine which has the function of transmitting torque or force between spatially offset input and output axes. The drive shaft represents the connection between input and output. With the help of a toothed sliding piece, dynamic changes in length are compensated, the offset by means of universal joints (also called cardan joints). So-called cardan errors, i.e. torque fluctuations caused by large deflection errors, are minimized by the use of joints in pairs.

Where are Drive Shafts used?

Drive shafts are mainly used in vehicle construction (motor vehicles + commercial vehicles). However, drive shafts (or power take-off shafts with drive shaft protection) are also used in agriculture, for example in drives for implements for soil cultivation. PTO shafts are also becoming increasingly important in the field of mechanical and plant engineering due to advancing automation. As soon as a vehicle has front-wheel drive and a driven rigid rear axle (rigid axle), a connection between the transmission and the differential of the driven rear axle must be designed to be movable. This compensates for the differences in length that occur by means of a cardan shaft.